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12-17-06: OH EM GEE

I never update this page, but I upload random files to the server all the time. So... hm. I don't know. I might do something with this space, I might not. It's fun to have a webpage in the middle of nowhere that nobody ever inquires about.

11-29-04: Expanding, slowly but surely.

Tal's Hovel now has more than one page, once again!

11-24-04: Yep

I like monkeys.. I like monkeys.. still trying to find time to meddle with this.. hmm hmm.

10-18-04: HOO-AH!

Welcome to the new home of Tal's Hovel! This is where the site shall reside for the foreseeable future... Considering the ease of FTP use, I will likely update this much more often than I did while hosted at Lycos UK.

Stay tuned.