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About Tal's Hovel

There's not much to say, really. I've been wanting to do a site like this since sometime in late 2000, because I have lots of bitching and ranting about the world that I'd like to do. With the assistance and server space provided by my friend WC, Tal's Hovel was born on July 25, 2002.

Unfortunately, the poor Hovel suffered from neglect while it was hosted by the WCNET. I updated it three or four times over the summer, and afterward, bunches of stuff took over my free time. Adding to the trouble, WC pulled the plug on the WCNET earlier in 2003, so I had to seek hosting very hastily. I decided to set up shop at Lycos UK, which was a decent host for me. Then the Hovel was neglected once more due to the cumbersome process of logging into Lycos UK's FTP. In addition to that, Lycos eventually introduced incredibly large ads and threatened to eliminate sites that did not fulfill a certain number of visits a month. Aggravated, I moved to webspace provided to me by Dan (or, redink1), a good friend of mine. Here I am.

The site is very unfinished. However, it may eventually grow to house a boat-load of random shit, my schedule willing. Rants, Music, Reviews, etc., whatever I please.

If you have any recommendations for site material, then contact me.