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The Dink Network - The only major site dedicated to the great freeware RPG Dink Smallwood. Please do download it, as it's fun, and as previously mentioned, free. (You can find download links at the Dink Network.) I am currently a senior staff member, and soon to be the webmaster.

Bastard Operator from Hell Archives - Funny tales of...well....a bastard operator from hell.
Dave Barry's Homepage - The homepage of sorts of humorist Dave Barry.
Homestar Runner - Home of Homestar Runner, obviously. More importantly, though, it's where you can find Strong Bad and his amusing replies to e-mail.
The Onion - Satire news source. Very, very amusing.


Anti-DMCA Website - Gathering of people against the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Very good site, indeed.
Bored.com - Tons of links here, in the event that you're bored. (I am rather frequently.)
PriceGrabber.com - Compares prices on schtuff. I like bargains.
Slashdot - A geek wonderland.
SongMeanings - An excellent source for song lyrics.
SoYouWanna.com - Teaches you all the things you probably didn't learn in school. Nifty.
View Askew - Home of View Askew, which is home of Kevin Smith, the director of classic movies such as Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
WhatTheFont - Identifies fonts used in an image. Convenient, if you want to steal someone's font.